LocoBuffer module for LocoNet with Bluetooth Interface

The LocoBuffer-Blue provides a wireless hardware interface to Loconet using the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile. The circuit is based on the Hans DeLoof Locobuffer RS232/USB design and uses the same printed circuit board.

Hans DeLoof Locobuffer

The Bluetooth interface is supplied by the BlueSMiRF Gold module from SparkFun Electronics. It provides a radio transceiver, Bluetooth Stack, and TTL level serial interface in one convenient module. When properly configured, the BlueSMiRF module will look like a conventional serial port in Windows and other operating systems.

SparkFun BlueSMiRF Gold
SparkFun BlueSMiRF Silver

The following documentation is meant to suplament the DeLoof Locobuffer Documentation. Please see the link above. That page also contains information on where to order the PC Board used in this project. The hex file for programming the PIC microcontroller can be downloaded below.

LocoBufferBlue Documentation (05/09/2012)

Hex files for programming the PIC microcontroller.

Hex file for PIC16F883
Hex file for PIC16F873/16F873A

Coming Soon - Locobuffer Experimentors Board

Build a Bluetooth Locobuffer, or your own design (prototype shown)

Last Updated 05/09/2012