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15 years of the Basel Watch Fair, Replica Rolex Day-Date this lead big brother again with a new face presented in front of the world. A new generation of Oyster Perpetual Calendar type, 40 mm table diameter, the first batch of 8 different styles, all with precious metal material, Oyster case, lock design, waterproof 100m, fast instantaneous jump calendar, stop seconds design .

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As Rolex's flagship product, the new Day-Date equipped with a new movement produced by Rolex Cal.3255.
Rolex in the Day-Date equipped with a new Cal.3255 movement, the use of 14 patents, more than 90% of new components. This one Cal.3255 representative of significance is not limited to Day-Date is Rolex positioning of the most high-end series, but also represents the Rolex next generation main movement Cal.32 series debut.
Prior to this, Rolex is the main use of the 1988 launch of the 31 series movement.
Equipped with 32-movement Day-Date of a launch, the domestic and foreign bezel, but quite lively. Everyone's problems will eventually boil down to one, that is, "When will the Fake Rolex Daffy 32 series replaced the new movement?" After all, Day-Date is Rolex's flagship series, the price is difficult to accept the ordinary table, and water is the most popular models of Rolex Replica classic models, the price is relatively close to the people.

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15 years of Basel table show, Rolex Day-Date first used the 32 series of new movement. And 16 years, the use of the new movement into the gold of the Date-Just. In accordance with the gradual subsidence of the routine, next year, that is, 17 years, Replica Rolex Watches steel models may be used on 32 new movement.
Rolex watches as the world's largest brand, the introduction of any new movement and universal use will have a huge influence. If the production version of the serious flaws, is definitely a great blow to the brand. Therefore, Rolex on the new movement of the development, production, testing are very strict.
The new 32-series movement and the old 31-series movement is very different, but not particularly large. For Rolex Watches is concerned, is the "steady win" is the business of the Road. Therefore, we will find that although the 32-series movement compared to the 31 series movement upgrade, power reserve increased to 70 hours, for the replacement of ball bearings and gear wheel layout, but did not use the "particularly new" design.

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The only difference is that a little different Rolex uses a patented design CHRONERGY escapement.
The new geometric structure to power efficiency by 15%, paramagnetic nickel-phosphorus components to LiGA (electroforming micro-manufacturing technology) production. But the CHRONERGY escapement is only in the proven Swiss rolex leveraged escapement system improvements, Rolex Replica uk online does not use an unverified escapement. The Chronergy escapement improves the inefficient dynamics of the Swiss leveraged escapement while retaining its reputation for reliability.

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And, according to public information, Rolex has not stopped to improve the performance of mechanical watch escapement research and development. In 1999, Rolex used engineers Nicolas Dehon constant power escapement design concept, but this replica rolex escapement requires special materials processing. Swiss Rolex replica wathces was the use of silicon-like material processing the prototype movement, but later because of instability and not suited to decide to give up.
The 32 series movement using the CHRONERGY escapement, is already developed in the Rolex years ago, and tested the use of the. The actual carrying CHRONERGY escapement of the prototype movement, Rolex is also an internal test of the.

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